Google Chat Integration

About Google Chat

Google Chat provides instant messaging services for companies and teams.

NodePing can send down/up notifications to a Google Chat room via NodePing’s webhook functionality. You can do this with Google Chat's incoming webhooks with a URL they provide.

Like all of the types of notifications supported by Nodeping, Google Chat notifications consist of two components: An contact method in one of your Contacts, and a notification setting that applies that contact method information in your checks.

Setup Steps

To integrate NodePing monitoring with Google Chat, you will need to create an incoming webhook in the Google Chat room you want the notifications to be displayed in. Navigate to the Google Chat room and then click on the down arrow next to the room name then click on Configure webhooks. Set a Name that will be displayed in the room (like "NodePing Notifications") and optionally put a URL in the Avatar URL then click on Save.

Detailed instructions for this can be found at Google Chat's dev documentation.

Once created, copy that Google Chat webhook URL. You'll need it to create the NodePing webhook.

Create NodePing Contact

Now create the contact for Nodeping. Visit the Contacts section on NodePing and then click the Add new contact button.

add new contact

In the add contact form, select the contact type and change it to webhook. You will then see a new dropdown appear below it that says Preset Services. Select Google Chat and then “Apply Template”. Now set a name for the contact if you haven’t done that already and paste the Google Chat webhook URL into the Address box, replacing the [your google chat webhook url here] text. Finally, click save.

Finally, set the new contact on the checks you wish, and when an event is triggered in NodePing, the information will also be sent to your Google Chat room.

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