Matrix Chat Integration

About Matrix

Matrix provides "an open network for secure, decentralised communication."

NodePing can send down/up notifications to a Matrix chat room via NodePing’s webhook functionality. You can do this with the API interfaces provided by your Matrix home server.

Like all of the types of notifications supported by Nodeping, notifications with Matrix consist of two components: A contact method in one of your Contacts, and a notification setting that applies that contact method information in your checks.

Setup Steps

To integrate NodePing monitoring with your Matrix home server, it is advised to create a unique account on your Matrix home server. You can register a user following these instructions.

Sign into that user account. Using Element, go to the Help & About page under settings and get the access token. This key is used to send messages as this user. It is advised to keep it secret.

Create a new room with the user you created, give it a name, and set the room to Private room (invite only).

Go to the Room Settings for the created room and copy the Internal room ID from the Advanced page. The ID needs to be URI encoded. Change the ! to %21 and the : to %3A. This will be a part of the URL for the webhook.

Invite any users to this room that you want to receive NodePing alerts.

Create NodePing Contact

Now create the contact for Nodeping. Visit the Contacts section on NodePing and then click the Add new contact button.

add new contact

In the add contact form, select the contact type and change it to webhook. You will then see a new dropdown appear below it that says Preset Services. Select Matrix and then “Apply Template”. Now set a name for the contact if you haven’t done that already and replace the [your encoded internal room id] text with the URI encoded Internal room ID from earlier. If you are using a custom home server, make sure to replace with your home server name.

Under the Headers tab, replace [YOUR AUTH HERE] with the access token for the user you created. This token authenticates the user here to send messages to the room you created. Finally, click save.

Finally, set the new contact on the checks you wish, and when an event is triggered in NodePing, the information will also be sent to your Matrix room.

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